Visual art

3D square, 84 x 53 cm
Symphonica in Rosso, 76 x 46 cm
3D square turned, 62 x 62 cm
Besides my detailed photography I have my horizon
broadened and risked me in terms of the
visual arts. It is a challenge for me for
something that is in my mind shaped visually.
I have chosen to work with materials,
now especially with wooden panels that
by me with contrasting colors to provide.
To create a work of art in 3D is a challenge.
My style would be your 'cubism' can name
with bold colors.
Are you interested or have questions
about photography or visual art do
not hesitate to contact us record with me
by clicking HERE ends up on my contact page.
Golf, 62 x 62 cm
Camelione disaster, 68 x 68 cm
Dutch tulip fields, 82 x 56 cm
 If you are interested in the images or other artworks on this website, please contact me. All images on this website are subject to ratio, sizes, colors and sharpness. Only the original is leading. The images on this website may not be copied or shared without written permission from the owner. 
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