Figurative Art

Bulbs, museum Spain
Museum factory, industrial art, Germany
 Watermill, Wijdewormer
Moorish front door, France
Surface symbol, Purmerend 
Anchor, Noord-Holland
Fog, Jisp De Poel
                         Spoons en forks, Purmerend            
We often do not dwell on the daily shapes
around us and what this entails us does.
 Unconsciously we still absorb this, but
when you become aware of it you look at it
very different. 
A good example is the image left.
Many recognize the subject not despite that
one deals with it daily.

 Fish trap, Jisp De Poel
Sky, sun and clouds
 Sea, France
Piles, France
Glove, IJmuiden
Rose, museum Spain
 Graffiti kids, Wormerveer
Water, Twiske
Reflection, Canada
Meadow, Wijdewormer
 Landscape, France
 War, France
Hand signal, Belgie
Faded glory, Kwadijk
 Lady goat (grazy about men), Wijdewormer