Abstract Art

Blue-White, quay wall
Stained glass, church floor
Ladder, wall
Advertising2, road surface
Protection, tree
Faded glory, Schiphol
Rusty, metal secretion
New life, tree 
With my camera I capture images that everyone
can see because it is detail photography and not macro photography. My work is graded with 'you paint with your camera', The photo's are not processed so purely in form.

By capturing a detail it gets to be abstract form and
another one arises experience world.

It's not always about what it represents though or the
eyes enjoy.

Wilderness, metal sheet
Burst, pedestrain crossing 
Twisty, metal sheet
Animal, old mattras
Charred, charcoal
Animals, displacement plane
Traffic, spray mold
Road, pedestrain crossing
 Stained glass, church floor
 New life, water lily
Checkmat, stone table
  Rope, crane
 Sloping, straw bales
 Falling, displacement plane
 Delicacy, muffin
New yellow, scrap train
Advertising1, road surface
Yellow, wall
Grass, with seed



Color stripes, scrap train
Paint splatter, road surface
Staind glass, church floor
 Rust, ponton